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Welcome to Returngoods

Returngoods is a leading Collaborative Reverse Commerce solution provider. Our mission is to help our customers grow by managing the returns and reverse supply chain efficiently.


Most companies view their forward logistics as a critical aspect of growing and optimizing their profit. Investment in forward logistics systems have helped many companies acquire the competitive advantage. Your business can gain even more competitive advantage by efficiently managing the reverse logistics process. As your market becomes more competitive, you must position your business to take full advantage of every competitive gain you can incorporate.




Returngoods.com launches Returngoods v3.0, more...


On Demand option is the quickest way to benefit from Returngoods.com solution. There is no server and infrastructure to worry. Just Request Info for an account and start reaping the benefits of streamlined RMA process.


OnSite option allows you to control the server and the infrastructure. Returngoods provides preconfigured server to install in your data center. Server pricing depends on the configuration of the server.


No set up fee,
no monthly fee,
pay $0.50 per RMA item.
Standard features.

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If your RMA volume is more than 50 items per month and standard version doesn’t make sense:$25.00/month/ user. Standard features.

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Full featured and scalable to high volume return processing. Fully integrate to any ERP systems. Contact us at info@returngoods.com for pricing.

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